Doctors for Doctors£495 pcmBedrooms: 2  

Closest Hospital: Selly Oak

Commute Time: 10 minutes

View Location on Map: View

Type of Property: House

Number of Bedrooms: 2

Furnished: Yes

House/Flat Share: No

Full Property Description
Brought this house in the first week of my PRHO job.

Was living off beans to pay the morgage whilst all my friends were buying flash cars and living in hospital accomodation.

I'm now putting out to rent due to MMC, I'll probably go back into hospital accomodation. Feels all a bit of a waste of effort now.

Really good location - 20 minutes by train from the city centre - trains are every ten minutes and the house is a 2.5 minute sprint from the platform.

The street has a corner shop a green grocers and a pharmacist on it so you can live healthly without having to go to supermarkets.

It takes about 10 minutes to get onto the M5 on a good day.

Two decent sized bedrooms, (double) one with fitted wardrobes. One has one of those fab Ikea round 7' diameter beds. I'll throw in 5 round sheets to go with it. Other one doesn't have a bed, but I'll buy one if you want it furnished, just let me know if you prefer single or double.

Nice big bathroom with corner bath and shower.

Kitchen looked new when I moved in, more cupboards than I know what do with. I'll throw in the washing machine, fridge, microwave, cooker and a (small) dishwasher.

Pets/Children/students welcome - I had to buy a jigsaw speciality to put that cat flap in the back door.

So yes, for the above figure it's yours, furnished or unfurnished. Please look after it. It's not in Doctorville (Harbourne) but it's a nice enough area, and I like it.

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